GDF60-18Z/4.5 Spindle Motor

GDF60-18Z/4.5 Spindle Motor is mainly used in grinding, engraving, drilling, milling, CNC routers, edge bander and so on.

  • Brand: CSSM

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Rotating speed: 18000/24000RPM

Rated power: 4.5KW

Torque: 2.39/1.79Nm

Voltage: 220/380V

Current: 15/9.0A

Frequency: 300/400HZ

Connection of spindle end: ER25-Φ3.175-Φ16

Cooling: Water cooling

Lubrication: Grease

Bearing No.: 2*7007C P4,2*7002C P4

Weight: 12Kg

Square Air Cooling Spindle Motor adopts high speed axial flow fan with low noise and high power. It is made of thermal insulation material. It is a multi-functional spindle motor.

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