GDF36-12Z/0.35L Spindle Motor

GDF36-12Z/0.35L Spindle Motor is mainly used in edge banders.

  • Brand: CSSM

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Speed: 12000RPM

Power: 0.35KW

Torque: 0.28Nm

Voltage: 220/380V

Current: 1.8/1.1A

Frequency: 200HZ

Bearing: 1*6003VV P4/1*6000VV P4

Connection of spindle end: Φ15cylinder -M12 Left tooth

Cooling method: fan

Lubrication method: Grease

Weight: 2.3KG

Edge Bander Spindle Motor is developed specially for the edge banding of woodworking. It has the features of double voltage, low noise, low temperature rise and large torque. It fulfills the user's requirements.

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